Evy Trezvant

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Evy Trezvant affectionately known as spiritluvchild, is a writer and motivational speaker; with an emphasis in poetry, spoken word and playwriting . Her first book entitled" "Passages" was released in 2007 and was very successful. "Passages is available on www.amazon.com and www.paypal.com.

Evy wrote her first play titled: Wombman, The Play (2010). The play showcased at the Flight Theater in the Complex in Hollywood, California. It was a huge success and sold out all five days that it ran the summer of 2010. In fact, the final matinee show, was so successful it was standing room only.

Evy has been called by many as a poignant and truthful writer, who stirs the emotions of her readers. She has been labeled as a Shero to her peers. She is inspirational and creates thought-provoking speeches. She is a true artist and innovator.

Evy's second book, recently released is titled: "Blue Notes, Jazz Tones & Soulful Songs" is currently available at www.paypal.com.

She is currently working on her third book titled; "Seeds So That Your Soul May Grow", to be available in December 2013.

She has performed for many schools and universities, such as:

• Symlar High School

• Valley Academy of the Arts & Sciences

• University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

• Loyola Marymount University

• Woodbury University

• Occidental College

• California State University Northridge, and many more

Evy has also performed for celebrities, such as:

• Tyrese Gibson

• Tarji P. Henson

• Terrell Owens

• Sanaa Lathan

• Lisa Raye

• Nia Long

• John Singleton

• Malcolm Jaamal Warner

• Brandy

• Shaunie Oneal (Shaq's ex-wife)

• And many others

Evy has performed at venues and events such as:

• The Ahmanson Theatre

• The famous Fifth Street Dicks in Lemiert Park, California

• The World Stage in Lemiert Park, California

• Spoken Funk at Miyagi's in Hollywood, California

• Coffee on 6th Street

• Elevations in San Diego, California

• Da'Poetry Lounge

• Poets Jazz House

• SWAAM (Spoken Word, Art and Music)

• A Mic and Dim Lights in Pomona California

• The Haha Café

• And many other venues in Southern California and Nevada

• Friday Night Flows

• Ink Slam 2010 & 2012

She has been judge and panelist for the Black Writers Conference in Los Angeles, California and the Black Book Expo.

Evy has been the host of Oralgams (An Erotic Poetry Event) and the current host of Mental Mondays open mic in San Fernando Valley, California.

Evy has won numerous awards for her work (world wide), including New Horizon's Poet of the Month in 2006.

Photo shot by Adam Tillman-Young